Image Stabilizer (EOS M3)

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Image Stabilizer (EOS M3)


A lens that contains "IS" in the lens name has an image stabilizer inside the lens.
If you use the lens image stabilizer function, slight camera shake is corrected so that you can shoot clearer images.

Because the results of the lens image stabilizer can be viewed on the LCD monitor, a stable LCD monitor image can be obtained. This makes it possible to compose and focus shots more precisely.
In addition, because the image stabilizer can be designed to match the specifications of each lens, it realizes high-precision image stabilization in wide-ranging focal lengths with super-telephoto to standard zoom lenses.

The procedure for enabling an IS lens' image stabilizer function depends on the lens. Confirm the correct procedure for your lens.

Enabling the lens image stabilizer on an EF-M Lens using the menu

If you have an EF-M lens with image stabilization attached, image stabilization can be adjusted in the menu.

[IS] will automatically be set to [ON] when setting the shooting mode to [ ] or [ ].

1. Press the [ ] button, choose [Image Stabilizer] on the [ -2] tab, and then press [ ].

2. After selecting [Image Stabilizer] choose the desired setting.

OnIf using a lens with built-in image stabilization, the camera compensates for camera movement and hand shaking to stabilize the image when shooting.
OffDeactivates image stabilization.

  • If image stabilization cannot prevent camera shake, mount the camera on a tripod or take other measures to hold it still. In this case, set [IS Mode] to [Off].
  • [IS Mode] is not displayed when a non-EF-M lens is attached. Use the image stabilization switch on the lens instead.
  • Do not use image stabilization for bulb exposures. Doing so may lead to incorrect image stabilization behavior.



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