Operating the Remote Control is not Possible (Items to Confirm/Solution Strategies) (Connect Station CS100)

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Operating the Remote Control is not Possible (Items to Confirm/Solution Strategies) (Connect Station CS100)


  • When operational problems occur with the Connect Station or the remote control, refer to the information contained in the table below.
If you are unable to use the information/procedures contained in the table to resolve the problem, please contact the nearest Canon Service Center.
If the response of the remote control is slow when selecting characters or images, operate the remote control slowly.
Remote ControlAre the batteries depleted?When replacing batteries, use two new batteries of the same brand. In the case of rechargeable batteries, use fully-charged batteries of the same brand.
Are the batteries inserted correctly?Check the plus and minus ends to confirm that the batteries are inserted correctly.
Is the transmitter of the remote control pointed at the TV?Please make sure to aim the remote control transmitter at the Connect Station.

: Remote control sensor
: Connect Station Remote control transmitter
Are there obstacles between the Connect Station and the remote control?The presence of obstacles may interfere with transmission from the remote control.
Is the Connect Station located out of the remote controls transmission range?The remote controls transmission range is approx. 10 m / 32.8 ft.
Is a remote control manufactured by another company being used? (For TVs which do not support HDMI CEC.)When you use Connect Station with a TV set which is not compatible with the HDMI device control function (HDMI CEC*), you cannot operate Connect Station using the TVs remote control. In this case, please operate the TV set using the Connect Station remote control.
Is a remote control manufactured by another company being used? (For TVs which do support HDMI CEC.)If you set [Control via HDMI] to [Off] under the [Preferences: ] tab, Connect Station will no longer respond to the TV sets remote control
Certain TV sets, even those compatible with HDMI CEC, may not operate properly. In that case, operate the TV set using the Connect Station remote control.
Connect StationIs the Connect Stations power turned on?When press the power button to turn on the power, the power lamp turns from orange to green, and the Initial settings screen appears. (It takes approx. one minute before Connect Station starts.)
Has the Connect Station locked up?If it is not possible to operate the unit, hold down the power button for 2 sec. or longer to turn off the power, then turn on the power again.
You may not be able to turn off the power in such cases as when the firmware is being updated. Wait a while before turning off the power.
Is the Connect Station in the process of a firmware update?All of the lamps flash during firmware updates. The lamps will stop flashing automatically after the update is complete.
Is the Connect Stations hard disk being formatted?The standard time it takes for formatting is as follows:
Normal formatting: Approx. 1 minute
Low-level formatting: Approx. 10 hours
Has an error occurred?If there is at least one [ ] icon displayed, you cannot perform the following operations: [Backup], [Restore data], [Format system hard disk], [Update firmware], and [Delete all images on system]

  • If the remote control becomes hot, or emits smoke or a burning smell, immediately remove the batteries from the remote control with enough care to avoid burns. Using the remote control in such a condition may cause a fire or burns.
  • Please do not touch the battery fluid leaked from the remote control. If the fluid comes in contact with the skin or clothes, remove it immediately with clean water. If the fluid gets in your eye, rinse the eye immediately with clean water and see a doctor.
  • To prevent fire, excessive heat, chemical leakage, explosions, and electrical shock, follow the safeguards below for the batteries:
-Do not use or recharge any batteries not specified in the Instruction Manual. Do not use any home-made or modified batteries.
-Do not short-circuit, disassemble, or modify the battery. Do not apply heat or solder to the battery. Do not expose the battery to fire or water.
-Do not insert the batterys plus and minus ends incorrectly.
-Do not mix new batteries with used ones or batteries of different types.
  • When disposing of a battery, insulate the electrical contacts with tape to prevent contact with other metallic objects or batteries. This is to prevent a fire or an explosion.



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