Checking Ink Tank Levels on Control Panel (iPF830/iPF840/iPF850)
Article ID: ART162648 | Date published: 10/01/2015 | Date last updated: 12/02/2015


Checking Ink Tank Levels on Control Panel (iPF830/iPF840/iPF850)


On the Display Screen, you can check how much ink is left in the ink tanks. To check remaining Ink Tank levels, access the [Tab Selection screen] on the Control Panel and press or to select the Ink tab ().
  • If the [Tab Selection screen] is not displayed, press the [Menu] button.
  • If an error has occurred and the [Tab Selection screen] cannot be displayed, display [Ink Info] as follows.
1. Press the [OK] button to display [Printer Info].
2. Press the or button to select [Ink Info].
3. Press the [OK] button.

The remaining ink levels shown on the Display Screen correspond to the inks identified by the Color Label on the bottom of the Display Screen.
These symbols may be displayed above the ink level: ! if ink is low, × if no ink is left, and ? if you have deactivated ink level detection.
The remaining ink level is indicated as shown below.

If the Display Screen indicates to replace the Ink Tank, replace the Ink Tank. If a message is displayed indicating to check the remaining ink levels, or after tasks that consume a lot of ink such as large-format printing or head cleaning, check the remaining levels and replace Ink Tank as needed.