Preparing to Transfer the Printer (iPF830/iPF840/iPF850)

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Preparing to Transfer the Printer (iPF830/iPF840/iPF850)


To protect the internal parts in transit, always follow these steps before transferring the printer to a new location.
Refer to the Setup Guide for details on packing the printer and installing it after transfer.
Be sure to contact your Canon dealer before transferring the printer to a new location. Ink may leak and damage the printer if you do not prepare the printer correctly and it is tipped or stood on end in transit.
  • Depending on the state of the printer, part replacement may be necessary when preparing to transfer the printer (that is, when you execute the printer menu item to prepare for transfer).
  • Ink must be drawn into the Maintenance Cartridge before Level 2 or Level 3 printer transfer, as described in the following table. Prepare the Maintenance Cartridge in advance.
  • Always follow the instructions of the service representative when transferring the printer under Level 3 conditions.
*1:This is the number of new Maintenance Cartridges required when you execute the Prep.MovePrinter menu.
The number varies depending on the amount remaining in the Maintenance Cartridge being used.
*2:If a message instructing you to replace the Maintenance Cartridge is displayed on the Display Screen, the Maintenance Cartridge needs to be replaced.

Remove paper

1.Disassemble and repackage the Wheeled Output Stacker by following the installation procedure in reverse.(iPF840)
Disassemble and repackage the Stacker by following the installation procedure in reverse.(iPF850)
  • When storing the Stacker cable, place it in the cable package (or in a box measuring at least 30 cm (11.81 in) per side) without folding.

2.Remove the paper.

Access the Prep.MovePrinter menu

1.If a message instructing you to replace the Maintenance Cartridge is displayed on the Display Screen, replace the Maintenance Cartridge.
2.On the Tab Selection screen of the Control Panel, press or to select the Settings/Adj. tab ( ).

  • If the Tab Selection screen is not displayed, press the Menu button.

3.Press the OK button.
The Set./Adj. Menu is displayed.

4.Press or to select Prep.MovePrinter, and then press the OK button.

5.Press or to select the level of transfer, and then press the OK button.
Displays the confirmation screen.

6.Press or to select Execute, and then press the OK button.
The printer is now prepared for transfer.
<Level 1>
Once preparations are finished, a message on the Display Screen requests you to turn off the printer.
Turn off and pack the printer. There is no need to remove the ink tanks.
<Level 2 and Level 3>
When the preparation is finished, instructions are displayed on the Display Screen.
Remove the ink tanks before packing the printer.
  • If consumables must be replaced, the message "Consumables must be replaced. Call for service." is shown on the Display Screen and preparation is not possible. If this message is displayed, press the OK button and contact your Canon dealer for assistance.

Removing Ink Tanks

1.Open the Ink Tank Cover.

2.Lift the stopper (a) of the Ink Tank Lock Lever (a). Lift the Ink Tank Lock Lever until it stops, and then push it down to the front.

3.Hold the Ink Tank by the handle (a) and remove it.

  • Store the Ink Tank you removed in the box with the ink holes (a) facing up. Otherwise, ink may leak and cause stains.

4.Repeat steps 2 and 3 to remove all ink tanks.

5.Push down the release lever (a) as shown as you gently return all ink tank lock levers to the original position.

6.Close the Ink Tank Cover.
At this point, ink is drawn out from inside the tubes.

  • Do not remove the Maintenance Cartridge except when the message for replacing it is displayed.
If you remove the Maintenance Cartridge while ink is being drawn out, the ink may leak out.

7.When the process is finished, "Preparations for moving the printer finished. Turn the power off" is displayed.
When this happens, replace the Maintenance Cartridge currently being used with a new Maintenance Cartridge.

8.Press the Power button and turn off the printer.

Pack the printer

1.Disconnect the power cord and interface cable, as well as the Media Take-up Unit cable.
  • Turn off the printer before you unplug it. It may damage the printer if you unplug it before it is off and transfer it in that state. If you accidentally unplug the printer, plug it in again, reinstall the ink tanks, and follow this procedure again.

2.Open the Top Cover and lift the Ejection Guide.

3.Remove the four ejection supports and lower the Ejection Guide.(iPF830/iPF850)

4.Grasp the Belt, insert it between the Belt Stopper, and affix the Belt Stopper with a hex screw at the position indicated.

  • Here, the Belt Stopper is the one that was removed and stored after initial installation. Neglecting to attach the Belt Stopper may damage the printer.
  • Do not touch the Linear Scale (a), Carriage Shaft (b), or Ink Tube Stabilizer (c). Touching these parts may damage them.

5.Close the Top Cover.

6.Tape down printer covers to secure them, in the reverse order of tape removal during installation.

7.Remove and package the Output Stacker by reversing the installation procedure.(iPF830)

8.Remove and package the Stand by reversing the installation procedure, when it was attached to the printer.

9.Disassemble and repackage the Stand by following the installation procedure in reverse.

10.Repack the Roll Holder, Holder Stopper, and printer in shipping materials, and then package them in a shipping box.



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