Types of recording modes and changing the recording modes (XC10)

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Types of recording modes and changing the recording modes (XC10)


Available resolution, frame rate and bit rate settings

ResolutionFrame rate / Bit rate
29.97P / 305 Mbps
29.97P / 205 Mbps
23.98P / 305 Mbps
23.98P / 205 Mbps
59.94P / 50 Mbps
59.94i / 35 Mbps
29.97P / 35 Mbps
23.98P / 35 Mbps

For approximate recording times, see Image quality (Recording mode) and recording time (XC10).

Setting 4K or HD

Select 4K or HD.

1. Turn the camcorder on.

2. Set the photo/movie switch to [ ].

3. Touch 4K or HD on the screen.

  • You can also set [4K/HD] from [MENU] -> [ Recording Setup].

4. To record in 4K, touch [4K 4K clips]. To record in HD, touch [HD HD clips].

5. Touch [ ].

Setting the recording mode

Select the recording mode.

1. Press the [MENU] button.

2. To set the recording mode, touch [ ] Recording Setup menu -> [4K Recording] or [HD Recording].

3. Touch [ ].



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