Battery performance (Maximum Recording/Typical Recording/Playback Time) (XC10)

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Battery performance (Maximum Recording/Typical Recording/Playback Time) (XC10)


Approximate Useage Times

Recording and playback times given in the following tables are approximate and vary according to operating mode, bit rate, and charging, recording or playback conditions. The effective usage time of the battery pack may decrease when recording in cold surroundings, when using the brighter screen settings, etc.
Frame rate/ Bit rateRecording (maximum)Recording (typical)Playback
29.97P/305 Mbps110 min.75 min.150 min.
29.97P/205 Mbps110 min.75 min.155 min.
23.98P/305 Mbps115 min.80 min.160 min.
23.98P/205 Mbps120 min.80 min.165 min.
59.94P/50 Mbps135 min.85 min.185 min.
59.94i/35 Mbps135 min.90 min.185 min.
29.97P/35 Mbps145 min.95 min.190 min.
23.98P/35 Mbps145 min.95 min.190 min.

* Typical recording times measure recording with repeated operations such as start/stop recording and power on/off.

We recommend that you prepare battery packs to last 2 to 3 times longer than you think you might need.
The power usage of the video camera will change depending on how it is operated. Actual battery usage times may vary from those shown in the tables above.



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