Handling of Red Icons Displayed on the Screen (XC10 / XC15)

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Handling of Red Icons Displayed on the Screen (XC10 / XC15)



This section explains the meanings of the red icons and what to do when a red icon appears on the LCD monitor.
Icon Problem Possible Solution
Battery pack is exhausted. ã»Replace with a well-charged battery.
ã»Change the battery.

There is not enough available space on the recording media. ã»Delete some recordings to free some space or replace the recording media.
The folder and file numbers for clips and photos have reached their maximum value. ã»After saving your recordings, set [Recording Setup] > [File Numbering] to [Reset]. Then, initialize the recording media or delete all the recordings.

An error has occurred with the indicated recording media. ã»Turn off the camcorder. Remove and reinsert the memory card. Initialize the memory card if the display does not change back to normal.



If these problems persist even after attempting the solutions described above, please contact the nearest Canon service center.




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