Switching between Displays on the LCD Screen (Shooting/Playback) (XC10)

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Switching between Displays on the LCD Screen (Shooting/Playback) (XC10)


Displays during shooting (Onscreen Markers)

Using onscreen markers allows you to make sure your subject is correctly framed. The onscreen markers will not affect your recordings.

  • Displaying Onscreen Markers
You can display a grid or a horizontal line at the center of the screen. Use the markers, which can be displayed in white or gray, to make sure your subject is framed correctly.

: Horizontal line (level)
: Grid

1. Turn on the camcorder.

2. Press the [MENU] button.

3. Touch [ ] Camera Setup menu > [Onscreen Markers].
*In Photo Shooting mode, choose [ ] Camera Setup menu.

4. Select the desired option.

5. Touch [ ].

6. The horizontal line (level) or grid you selected is displayed on the screen.

* When [Level (White) is selected.

Displays during shooting (Data code)

In the video clip and photo shooting modes, you can select the appropriate option to display the date and/or the time. In photo shooting mode, you can also choose to select [Camera Data] to display the aperture and shutter speed.

1. While the camcorder is turned off, hold the [ ] button () pressed down. The thumbnails of clips and photos you have recorded are shown in index screens sorted by the type of recording.

2. Touch [MENU] -> [ Playback Setup] -> [Data Code].

3. Touch the desired option.

4. Touch [ ].

5. When you play back clips, the data code you selected will be displayed.

* When [Date and Time] has been set.

6. When photos are played back, the selected data code will be displayed.

* When [Time] has been set.



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