Automatic Gain Control (AGC) Limit (XC10)

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Automatic Gain Control (AGC) Limit (XC10)


Depending on the brightness of the surrounding, the camcorder will automatically raise the gain or ISO speed to try to get a brighter picture. Because doing so can lead to video noise, you can set a maximum limit for how high levels are raised. These limits are referred to as the automatic gain control (AGC) limit and auto ISO limit. Shooting with a smaller limit is useful as it results in a darker picture but less noise. This function is available when the shooting mode is set to [ ], [ ], or [ ].

1. Turn the camcorder on.

2. You can use the camera’s shooting mode dial to set the recording mode to [ ]. While pressing down the shooting mode dial button (), turn the shooting mode dial () to select the desired mode.

3. Press the [MENU] button.
For Photo shooting mode, please proceed to step 6.

4. From the [ ] Camera Setup menu, touch [ISO / Gain], then select [ISO] or [Gain].

5. Touch [ ].

If you selected [ISO]:
Touch [ ] Camera Setup menu - > [Auto ISO Limit].

If you selected [Gain]:
Touch [ ] Camera Setup menu - > [AGC Limit].

In Photo shooting mode:
Touch [ ] Camera Setup menu -> [Auto ISO Limit].

7. To set a limit, touch [ ] or [ ].

  • The AGC limit or auto ISO limit dial will appear at the bottom of the screen.

8. Drag your finger left/right along the dial to select the desired value.
  • You can also press the joystick up/down until the position of the current value is highlighted in orange and the push left/right to adjust the value.

Touch [ ] to remove the limit.

9. Touch [ ].
The icon for the setting you selected ([ ] or [ ]) will appear on the left side of the screen.



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