Scanning a Document (MF Scan Utility)

Article ID: ART163532 | Date published: 11/17/2015 | Date last updated: 04/28/2021


You can scan with settings suitable for documents that include text and diagrams.


1. Start the MF Scan Utility.
Click the Windows Icon or Start.  Select the Canon Folder then click MF Scan Utility.
  • Windows 7 You will need to click [All Programs] to see the Canon Folder.

2. Set the original in the device.
3. In the main screen of the MF Scan Utility, select the device you are using from [Product Name].
4. If necessary, click [Settings] and configure detailed settings.
Click [Document Scan] in the [] (Scanning from a computer) sheet → set the relevant items in [Scan Options]/[Save Settings]/[Application Settings] → click [OK].
For duplex scanning check the box "Scan both sides when scanning from the feeder" in Scan options.
5. Click [Document Scan].
Scanning begins.
The scanned image is saved in the previously specified folder.

To set the save destination for images: set [Settings] > [Save Settings] > [Save in].
To set the device to use beforehand: set [Settings] > [General Settings] > [Product Name].

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