Coordinating with a Cloud App (MF Scan Utility)

Article ID: ART163564 | Date published: 11/17/2015 | Date last updated: 05/25/2016


If Evernote or Dropbox is installed in your computer, you can upload scanned images to cloud storage.


1. Set the original in the device.

2. In the main screen of the MF Scan Utility, select the device you are using from [Product Name] → click [Settings].

3. Click the icon button of an objective in the [] (Scanning from a computer) sheet of the [Settings] dialog box.
Click one of [Document Scan]/[Photo Scan]/[Custom Scan]/[Scan and Stitch]/[ScanGear].
4. Specify the transmission destination in [Application Settings] → click [OK].
For Evernote: select [Send to an application] → [Evernote].
For Dropbox: select [Send to a folder] → [Dropbox].

5. In the main screen of the MF Scan Utility, click the icon button of an objective.
Scanning begins.
The scanned image is uploaded to the specified cloud storage.
To set the device to use beforehand: set [Settings] > [General Settings] > [Product Name].

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