PIXMA MG2920 (Video) (Text) - Wireless Setup with a USB cable on a Windows Computer

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PIXMA MG2920 (Video) (Text) - Wireless Setup with a USB cable on a Windows Computer



This video is a walkthrough for executing a wireless setup for the PIXMA MG2920 with a USB cable on a Windows computer.

Note: If the video does not appear, click here.


The following steps are noted in the video.
  1. You will need the Setup CD-ROM that came with your printer, or you can download the full driver and software package from here.  If you insert the CD-ROM into your computer, you may be prompted to run MSETUP4.exe.  If you are prompted to do this, click Run or the appropriate affirmative option.  If you download the full driver and software package, run the file after it has been saved to your computer.  Click Yes or the appropriate affirmative option to run the program if you are prompted.
  2. When the Setup program begins, click Next.

    The installer will acquire information on the latest drivers and software available for the printer.

  3. Make sure that Wireless LAN Connection is selected.  Then, click Next.

  4. Select Access Point Connection (recommended) and click Next.

    Make sure that the printer is powered on, then click Next.

    The setup program will search for the printer on the network.  This will take a few moments.

  5. On the Printers on Network List screen, place a check in the box for Setting printer could not be found on the list.  Then, click Next.

    The setup program will install a guide.

  6. When the Setup Guide opens, click Next.

  7. Click Wireless Setup Using the USB Cable.

  8. The Software Installation List will appear.  Place a check in the box for each item that you wish to install, then click Next.

  9. Read through the License Agreement.  Click Yes to agree to the terms and proceed with the installation.

    On the Please Allow All Install Wizard Processes screen, click Next.

    Any software selected in the Software Installation List will be downloaded and installed.  This may take several minutes.

    After the drivers and software have been installed, the setup program will search for printers on the network.

  10. The Check Printer Settings screen will appear.  Place a check in the box for Set up the network connection via USB, then click Next.

    You will be prompted to connect the printer to your computer with a USB cable.  Connect the USB cable to the printer and your computer at this time.  After the printer has been detected, this message will close.

    The setup program will then search for networks that the printer can connect to.

The setup program will proceed in one of two ways.
  1. The Confirm Connection Access Point screen will appear.  This will ask you to confirm that you want the printer to connect to the network shown.  If your network is displayed, click Yes to have the printer connect to your network.

If this did not occur, then the following will appear:
  1. The Detected Access Points List will be displayed.  Select your network from the list, then enter your network key (also known as network password or passphrase) into the Network Key: box.  Then, click Connect.

    The setup program will send the network information to the printer via USB.

    The setup program will then register the printer and scanner drivers in your computer.  This may take several minutes.

  2. You will be prompted to disconnect the USB cable.  Unplug the USB cable, then click Next.

  3. The Setup Completion screen will appear.  Click Complete.

  4. You will be prompted to perform print head alignment.  If you wish to do this, click Execute and follow the on-screen instructions.  To proceed, click Next.

  5. Click Next.

  6. You will be prompted to register your printer with Canon.  If you would like to register your printer, click Next and follow any on-screen instructions.  If you do not wish to register, click Cancel.

  7. Information on the Extended Survey Program will appear.  Read the information regarding this program, then click Agree if you wish to participate, or Do not agree if you do not wish to participate.  Please note that partictipation is optional.

  8. You will have an opportunity to execute a test print to confirm printer functionality.  If you wish to execute this print, click Execute.  Click Next to proceed.

  9. Click Exit to complete the setup program.


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