Battery Care

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Battery Care


Battery Care
(1) Never attempt to disassemble batteries. Never recharge batteries except Ni-Cd batteries. Do not leave batteries in a hot place or throw them into a fire. Do not short circuit the contacts. Doing any of the above is highly dangerous.
(2) You should never mix different types of batteries. When changing exhausted batteries, replace them all at once.
(3) Although lithium batteries work well in low temperature, their performance will drop slightly in temperatures below 0 degrees C. In cold locations, keep a spare set of batteries in a warm pocket and alternate them with the batteries in use.
(4) When the battery power is low, the lamp will not light even when you press the Image Stabilizer button. Replace both batteries in such a case.
(5) If the lamp lights but the Image Stabilizer does not operate properly, it means the battery power is low. Replace both batteries in such a case.
(6) In cold temperatures, using size-AA lithium batteries is recommended.

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