Web Service Connection Setup for the PowerShot G5 X and G9 X

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Web Service Connection Setup for the PowerShot G5 X and G9 X


Part 1
Sign up for a free CANON iMAGE GATEWAY account.
CANON iMAGE GATEWAY offers various services, such as the ability to share images in an online photo album. CANON iMAGE GATEWAY also serves as a bridge site to use Wi-Fi to send images to e-mail addresses, social networking services, and other Web services.
To begin signing up for CANON iMAGE GATEWAY, access the URL of http://canon.com/cig to begin this process.
Follow the on-screen instructions on the screen and click [Send]. A confirmation e-mail describing the steps for signing up will be sent to you, including a confirmation URL to complete your sign up of your CANON iMAGE GATEWAY account.
  • An Internet connection is required to access CANON iMAGE GATEWAY (an Internet browser must be installed on the computer, you must have an account with an Internet service provider, and an Internet connection must be established).
    Check CANON iMAGE GATEWAY for browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer, etc.) settings, conditions and version information when connecting to CANON iMAGE GATEWAY.
    Separate ISP connection and access point fees may be applicable.
Part 2.
Enable Web Services on Camera
Press the <Playback> button to turn the camera on.
  • For the G5 X: Press the <Wi-Fi> button above the <Q-Set> button.
    For the G9 X: Press the <Q Set> button and then tap the <Wi-Fi> icon.
Select the <Cloud> icon
Please read the terms and conditions and select [I Agree].
Now connect to an access point. On your screen is a list of access points. Select the desired wireless network you wish to use. If you are directed, press the <Q-SET> button to enter your network password, then press [Next].
Select [Auto] for your network settings.
You will be directed to enter your CANON iMAGE GATEWAY registered e-mail you have created from the first step. Once you have entered it in, select [Next]
You will be directed to enter a 4-digit pairing code on the screen. This is to ensure that your camera will be paired with your CANON iMAGE GATEWAY account. Once you have entered in a code of your choice, record this 4-digit number and then select [Next].
(Note: Once you have paired your camera to CANON iMAGE GATEWAY, you do not need to remember this 4-digit code)
You will receive another email with the Subject Name "Guide to Camera Link Settings for CANON iMAGE GATEWAY." Click the first confirmation link in the e-mail.
Enter the 4-digit pairing code that you entered on your camera on the webpage provided and click [NEXT].
Log in to your Canon iMAGE GATEWAY account using your E-mail and password. Once you are logged in, your camera is now linked with CANON iMAGE GATEWAY.

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