RM-64 / RM-25 / RM-9 / RM-Lite Features
Article ID: ART163860 | Date published: 12/04/2015 | Date last updated: 12/04/2015


 RM-64 / RM-25 / RM-9 / RM-Lite Features


The RM-64/25/9 is a software product family used to monitor multiple locations using network cameras and to record and play back video from the cameras. It is possible to set up a monitoring system with a maximum of 64 cameras (when using RM-64).

Flexible screen layout
You can arrange multiple video windows in the Viewer, so you can compare video from different locations at the same time. The Viewer lets you create multiple layouts and organize them in tabs on the viewing area, so you can easily switch between different camera video. You can also operate up to two Viewer windows at the same time. With an environment that supports multiple displays, you  can create a dual-display monitoring setup by locating a Viewer on each of the displays.

Multiple recording modes
In addition to being able to record video for a specific period, you also have recording modes, such as sensor recording, motion detection recording, intelligent function recording and volume detection recording, which start recording when a particular type of camera event occurs.

Support for JPEG/MPEG-4 and H.264*
The JPEG, MPEG-4 and H.264 video formats are supported for live view and recording. Using MPEG-4 or H.264 formats decreases the load on the network bandwidth, while maintaining high quality video and saving hard disk space when recording.
* Only available for cameras that support the feature. 

Camera tags
You can assign tags to a camera that give you information about the camera, such as its location and camera type. This is particularly useful when searching for cameras in a large-scale system.

Dynamic layout
With this feature, you can automatically display videos on a layout from cameras that meet specific criteria, such as the camera status.

Direct camera operation*
You can change the camera angle and use the zoom while watching the live view.
* Only available for cameras that support the feature.

User access management with user groups 
You can create user groups to more easily manage user access. By assigning permissions for Viewer functionality to a group, you automatically assign the same permissions to each member of the group.

Shade control
Shade control automatically compensates for the dark regions in the video and can be used for both live and recorded video.

Two-way audio*
Send and receive live audio and simultaneously record audio with the video. You can also use this feature to communicate with a location that has a camera.
* Only available for cameras that support the feature.

Record Now
Use this feature to immediately start recording when you do not have a recording schedule set up.

Saving a segment of a recording
You can extract part of a recording and save it as a video file that can be played on a computer.

Viewer PTZ
You can instantly crop a region of live video or recorded video during playback using an intuitive operation to zoom in on that region.
You can also crop and zoom several videos simultaneously for side-by-side comparison.

Some features have limited functionality. For details, see “About RM-Lite”