Understand ink tank restrictions when accessing Creative Park (Premium) Content

Article ID: ART164052 | Date published: 12/17/2015 | Date last updated: 03/05/2019


Know that Canon Creative Park (Premium) content is only available to use with printers installed wth genuine Canon ink tanks and will not work with third party ink tanks.


About Creative Park (Premium)

Canon Creative Park (Premium) is a site that contains content for printing cards, calendars, crafts (origami, cut-outs, etc.), and art from renowned artists (for limited time). The site makes this special content available to users of genuine Canon inks. Learn more about Creative Park (Premium).


Using geniune Canon ink tanks

The Creative Park (Premium) site can detect the type of ink that is installed in your printer. If it doesn't detect genuine Canon ink tanks or cartridges, you won't be able to print content from the site. In this case, purchase genuine Canon ink tanks from a retailer and install them. You will be able to use and print the Creative Park (Premium) content.

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