Installing the Software (PowerShot ELPH 180 / IXUS 175)
Article ID: ART164102 | Date published: 01/04/2016 | Date last updated: 01/05/2016


Installing the Software (PowerShot ELPH 180 / IXUS 175)


Although a CD-ROM is not included with the camera, installers for software applications can be downloaded from the Canon website.
  • Using the software, you can update to the latest version, and download new functions via the Internet (some software excluded). Be sure to install the software on a computer with an Internet connection so you can use this function.
  • Internet access is required to use this function, and any ISP account charges and access fees must be paid separately.
  • In this section, Windows 7 is used as an example. The on-screen displays and operations may differ depending on the operating system.
  • An account with Administrator privileges is required for installing and uninstalling software.
  • Installation may not be possible when security software is running.

  • Installation procedures are explained below.

1. With a computer connected to the Internet, access the Canon website and download the software.
  • [ Digital Camera Software 7.0 ] supports these camera models.
*Software version information included here reflects current version information as of January 2016.

2. Double-click the downloaded file to open it.

3. The file will be extracted. Double-click the folder to open it.

4. Double-click [ CanonDCS7.0 W.exe ].

5. The following screen will appear. Click [Run].

6. Select the area in which you live.

7. Select the country where you live, and then click [Next].

8. Select your language.

9. The screen below appears.
Click [Easy Installation].

10. Click [OK] when the following screen appears.

11. The confirmation screen for the software to be installed appears. Click [Install].

12. The following screen will appear. Read the content carefully, and click [Yes] if you agree to the terms.
Please note: It will not be possible to install the software if you do not click [Yes].

The [User Account Control] screen may be displayed depending on the computer model you use. In this case, please click [Yes].

13. The following screen appears. Please click [Yes].

14. Installation begins.

15. After installation has finished, click [Next].

16. The CANON iMAGE GATEWAY registration screen appears.
In this example [No, I will register later] has been selected, and [Next] has been clicked.
(To register in CANON iMAGE GATEWAY, select [Yes, I would] and complete the registration procedure.)

17. The following screen appears. Click [OK].

18. The following screen appears after installation has been completed. Please click [Finish].

If restating the computer is necessary, the [Restart] screen will be displayed. In this case, click [Restart] to restart the computer.

This completes method for installing the software.