Print on Both Sides of a Page From a Windows PC - PIXMA MX492, MX490

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Learn how to print a two-sided page using manual duplex printing with your PIXMA MX492 or MX490 printer.


Note See instructions on manually printing on both sides of your paper using a Mac®.

Manual Duplex Printing

The procedure for printing data on both sides of one sheet of paper is as follows:

Tip You can also set duplex printing in Additional Features on the Quick Setup tab.

  1. Open the printer driver setup window.

  2.  Check the Duplex Printing (Manual) checkbox on the Page Setup tab to set duplex printing.

Image of Duplex Printing (Manual) checkbox on the Page Setup tab
  1. Select Normal-size, Fit-to-Page, Scaled, or Page Layout from the Page Layout list.

  2. Specify the side to be stapled.

  • The best Stapling Side is selected automatically from the Orientation and Page Layout settings.

  • To change the setting, select another stapling side from the list.

  1. If necessary, click Specify Margin... and set the margin width, and then click OK.

  2. Click OK on the Page Setup tab to complete the setup.

  3. When you execute print, the document is first printed on one side of a sheet of paper. After one side is printed, reload the paper correctly according to the message on the screen.

  4. Then click Start Printing to print the opposite side of the paper.

Good to know

  • When a media type other than Plain Paper is selected from Media Type on the Main tab, Duplex Printing (Manual) appears grayed out and is unavailable.

  • When Borderless, Tiling/Poster or Booklet is selected from the Page Layout list, Duplex Printing (Manual) and Stapling Side appear grayed out and are unavailable.

  • Custom settings are available when you want to switch between various modes of printer operation.

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