Taking Photos with the Camcorder

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Taking Photos with the Camcorder


You can take photos matching your ideal conditions by letting the camcorder determine the optimum settings. Photos that you have taken will be recorded to the internal memory or the memory card.

Taking Photos

1. Slide the lens cover switch down.
2. Open the LCD panel to turn on the camcorder. You can also press ON/OFF.

3. Touch [ ].
A green icon () and [ ] (HF R60/R62 only) or [ ] will appear momentarily on the screen and the ACCESS indicator will flash as the photo is recorded.
Photos are saved to the location specified in [Home screen] > [Recording Setup] > [Recording Media] > [Rec Media for Photos].
  • If you record a photo while recording a movie, [ ] will not appear.
  • You can also take photos while recording movies or when recording is stopped.
  • Photos cannot be recorded during movie shooting in the following cases:
- When the shooting mode is set to (Cinema).
- While fading in or fading out a scene.

When you have finished taking photos

1. Slide the lens cover switch up.

2. Make sure that the ACCESS indicator is off.

3. Align the angle of the screen with the back panel of the camcorder before closing it. The camcorder’s power will be turned off.
  • You can also press the ON/OFF button to turn the camcorder off.

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