Recording Via the Browser Remote Application on Your Smartphone (VIXIA HF G40 / LEGRIA HF G40)

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Recording Via the Browser Remote Application on Your Smartphone (VIXIA HF G40 / LEGRIA HF G40)


You can operate the camcorder remotely via Browser Remote, a Web browser application that can be accessed using the Web browser of devices compatible with Wi-Fi networks. The Browser Remote application lets you monitor the image through live view, start and stop recording, and remotely control the shooting mode, exposure, white balance, aperture, gain, shutter speed, focus and zoom.
A Web browser that has JavaScript and cookies enabled is required.

Setting the Camcorder's Password

For Wi-Fi functions (Browser Remote, Playback via Browser, Movie Uploader) that require an iOS or Android device, you will need to set the camcorder's password. After you enter the password once, you will not need to enter it again*.
* If you used the [Load] function under [Reset All] or in [Backup Menu Settings] you will have to set the password again.
  • Avoid using an unprotected Wi-Fi connection or network environment.
Doing so may expose your personal information or other important data to unauthorized third parties.
  • Using the Wi-Fi functions outdoors while the camcorder is operating in the 5 GHz band may be prohibited depending on the laws of the country/region you are in.

1. Move the POWER switch to [CAMERA].

2. Touch [ ].

3. Touch [ ].

4. Touch [ ].

5. Scroll the screen up or down, adjust [Wi-Fi] to the bar, and touch the button.

6. Touch [Smartphone Connection].

7. Touch the camcorder's password.

8. Enter an 8-character password and touch [OK].

Using the virtual keyboard
To enter text manually, use the virtual keyboard. Use the touch screen to operate the virtual keyboard.
: (After you confirm, the keyboard will close)
: Enter your text here
: Input keyboard
: / (Switch between letters and numbers)
: Space
: Backspace (delete the character to the cursor's left)
: / / (When the letter keyboard is displayed, this key switches between upper-case and lower-case letters; when the numerical keyboard is displayed, this key inputs special characters)
: (Move the cursor)
: (End the character input)

9. Touch [ ] and then [ ].

After setting the camcorder's password, it will not be displayed on the screen for you to check. Please make a note of your password so that you do not forget it. To change the password, perform the procedure above again.

Operating the Camcorder Remotely

1. Touch [ ].

2. Touch [Browser Remote].

3. Camcorder: Touch [ ON ].

4. The camcorder's SSID (network name) and the URL to be entered in the Web browser will appear. The camcorder will be ready to connect with the device.

5. Connect your iOS/Android device to the camcorder using the Wi-Fi connection.
5-1. Activate Wi-Fi in the settings screen of your iOS/Android device.
- The network names of detected access points will appear.
5-2. Touch the access point with the same SSID displayed in step 4.
5-3. Enter the camcorder's password set previously.
- As long as you do not change the camcorder's password, the connection will be established automatically afterwards.

6. Open the browser on your iOS/Android device and connect to the camcorder.
  • Enter the URL displayed on the camcorder's screen into the Web browser.
- The Browser Remote screen will appear.
- As long as you do not change the port settings, the URL is always the same so you may find it convenient to bookmark it.

7. Touch [ ] on the camcorder to close the screen.
- When the connection is established, [ ] (blank) will appear on the camcorder's screen. If an iOS/Android device is not connected, the icon will appear in yellow.

8. Operate the camcorder remotely.
Operate the controls on the screen of the device while viewing the image from the camcorder.

9. To close Browser Remote, touch [OFF] in [Browser Remote] on the camcorder.

Browser Remote Onscreen Controls and Displays

The Browser Remote application features "Advanced Control" for devices with larger screens and "Basic Control" for devices with smaller screens. For more details on each of the functions, see the instructions for each function in the Instruction Manual.
Example: Recording program "Manual Exposure"

Example: Recording program "AV"

1Screen selection tab: Switch between advanced controls and basic controls.13Exposure compensation value button
2Recording program14White balance mode and setting buttons
3Time code15Aperture button
4Browser Remote connection status16Shutter speed
6[ ] (key lock): Press to lock all the controls on the application's screens. When pressed, the icon turns orange and the entire screen becomes grayed out.18START/STOP button
7Icon indicating a scene recorded using the [Image Effects] -> [Looks] -> [Highlight Priority] look.19LIVE VIEW ON/OFF button
8Remaining battery level20ZOOM (zoom adjustment) buttons
9Memory card status/Remaining recording time: The currently selected memory card slot will be indicated with a [ ] mark above it.21IRIS (aperture adjustment) buttons
10SLOT SELECT (memory card slot selection) button22FOCUS (focus adjustment) buttons
11Exposure mode button23Live view image area
12MF (manual focus) button

Basic controls
Use the basic controls when using the application on devices with smaller screens. With the basic controls, the following functions are available: turning live view on and off, starting and stopping recording, zoom and key lock [ ].

Remote Operation Using Browser Remote

Recording movies

to show the camcorder's live view image on the Browser Remote screen.
Press [START/STOP] to begin recording.
  • The recording operation indicator changes from [STBY] to [ REC], and the center of the [START/STOP] button [ ] lights up in red.
  • The time code display starts running on the Browser Remote screen.
Press [START/STOP] again to pause the recording.
  • The recording operation indicator changes to [STBY].

Selecting the recording program
Press the recording program button.
  • The recording programs will appear.
Select the desired recording program.

Adjusting the exposure compensation value
Touch [ ].
Press the exposure compensation value button.
  • The exposure compensation screen will appear.
Select the desired exposure compensation value.

Adjusting the white balance
Press the white balance mode button.
If you selected [K]:
Press the color temperature.
  • The selected value will be displayed on the Browser Remote screen and will be applied to the camcorder.
Select the desired value from the list.

If you selected [ 1 ] or [ 2 ]:
Point the camcorder at a white object so that it fills the whole screen and touch [ ].
During the procedure, [ ] will flash quickly. When it stops flashing, the procedure is completed and the setting will be applied to the camcorder.

Adjusting the aperture
Press the aperture button.
  • The available aperture values will appear.
Select the desired aperture value.

Adjusting the aperture with the IRIS button
[ - ] button: Close the aperture in 1/4-stop increments.
[ + ] button: Open the aperture in 1/4-stop increments.

Adjusting the gain
Press the gain button.
  • The available gain values will appear.
Select the desired gain value.

Adjusting the shutter speed
Press the shutter speed button.
  • The available shutter speed values will appear.
Select the desired shutter speed value.

Adjusting the focus
Touch [MF].
Press one of the focus controls to adjust the focus as necessary.
  • Press one of the controls on the [NEAR] side [ ], [ ], [ ] to focus closer
or one of the controls on the [FAR] side [ ], [ ], [ ] to focus farther away.
  • There are three levels of adjustment - [ ] / [ ] is the smallest, [ ] / [ ] is medium, and [ ] / [ ] is the largest.

Adjusting the zoom
Press one of the zoom controls to adjust the zoom position as necessary.
  • Press one of the controls on the [WIDE] side [ ], [ ], [ ] to zoom out
or one of the controls on the [TELE] side [ ], [ ], [ ] to zoom in.
  • There are three levels of adjustment - [ ] / [ ] is the slowest, [ ] / [ ] is medium, and [ ] / [ ] is the fastest.

  • Depending on the network setup and conditions, there may be a delay when using live view and configuring settings.
  • When color bars are being displayed, live view updates will stop.
  • When Browser Remote is activated, [Time Zone/DST], [Date/Time] and [GPS Auto Time Setting] are not available. If [GPS Auto Time Setting] had previously been set to [Auto Update], it will automatically be set to [Disable] and cannot be changed. It will return to its previous setting when you deactivate Browser Remote.
  • Only one device may be connected to the camcorder at a time.

: About the Wi-Fi antenna (built-in)
  • When using the camcorder's Wi-Fi functions, do not cover the Wi-Fi antenna with your hand or other objects. Covering it may interfere with wireless signals.
  • While using Wi-Fi functions other than remotely controlling the camcorder using the Browser Remote application, do not open the double memory card slot cover.
  • If the optional WM-V1 Wireless Microphone is attached to the camcorder, the Wi-Fi functions are not available.
The specifications of the camcorder's Wi-Fi standard are as follows.
Wi-Fi protocol, operating frequency:
IEEE 802.11b/g/n-compliant, 2.4 GHz
IEEE 802.11a/n-compliant, 5 GHz
Maximum data transfer rate (specification) *:
54 Mbps (IEEE 802.11a)
11 Mbps (IEEE 802.11b)
54 Mbps (IEEE 802.11g)
150 Mbps (IEEE 802.11n)
* These are theoretical values and actual data transfer rates may differ.

  • Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance.



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