Configuring the Flash Settings (PowerShot SX420 IS)

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Configuring the Flash Settings (PowerShot SX420 IS)


Fires for each shot (On).

If you set the [Flash] to [Auto], the [Flash] will not fire in bright environments. However, if for example you take a shot of people against a backlight, the [Flash] will fire even when you shoot in daylight to prevent the faces from becoming obscured.
The instructions below refer to the setting that makes the [Flash] fire for each shot (On).
  • In some shooting modes, the [Flash] cannot be set to [On] to make it fire every time you shoot.
  • The instructions in this section apply to a camera with the [Shooting Mode] set to [Program AE] ( ).

For more information about shooting modes in which the flash cannot be set to on, please refer to the table at the end of the page.

1. Turn on the [Power] on the camera.

2. Lift the [Flash] with your finger.

3. Press the [ ] button.

  • The setting screen cannot be accessed by pressing the [ ] button when the flash is lowered. First, lift the flash with your finger.
  • If the flash fires, vignetting may occur.

4. The flash setting screen will appear.
Press the [ ], [ ] buttons to select [ ] (On), and then press the [ ] button.

5. When the icon changes to [ ], the configuration of settings is complete.

The flash cannot be set to [On] in the modes indicated in the table below.

Shooting modes in which the flash cannot be set to [On]
, ,

The following four flash modes can be set.
For more information about each of the individual modes, please refer to the camera’s instruction manual
[Auto : ]
  • Fires automatically in low-light conditions.
[On : ]
  • Fires for each shot.
[Slow Synchro : ]
  • Fires to illuminate the main subject (such as people) while shooting at a slower shutter speed to illuminate backgrounds out of flash range.
[Off : ]
  • For shooting without the flash.

When [Raise the Flash] is Displayed

When shooting in a dark environment in the [AUTO] mode, the message [Raise the Flash] may appear on the LCD screen. If that happens, lift the flash with your finger.
If you don't lift the flash, it will not fire. (The flash is never lifted automatically.)

When the message above appears, lift the flash with your finger as described below.

Flash Range

If your shots are dark despite the flash firing, move closer to the subject.
See the table below for details on the flash range.
Maximum Wide Angle: 50 cm - 5.0 m (1.6 – 16 ft.)
Maximum Telephoto: 1.4 m - 2.7 m (4.6 – 8.9 ft.)



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