Stabilizing the camera during tripod shooting

Article ID: ART164498 | Date published: 01/22/2016 | Date last updated: 08/26/2019


Stabilizing the camera during tripod shooting


  • Please be aware of the following information when using a tripod.

1. To increase stability, make sure to distance individual tripod legs apart from each other as much as possible.

2. Start extending the legs in order from the wider to narrower ends. If it is not necessary to fully extend the legs, please use only the wider ends to improve stability as shown in example (). Using the narrower ends as shown in example () is not recommended.

3. When shooting on level surfaces, make sure to extend all three legs equally. When shooting on an incline, adjust the legs to ensure that the camera platform is level.

4. To lessen the possibility of inadvertently moving or kicking the tripod, position one tripod leg in the same direction as the front of the lens (indicated by the arrow in the example image below). Next, position the remaining two legs so that you can stand between them while shooting.

5. The pole attached to the camera platform is designed for making minor adjustments to the height of the camera after the general position has been determined by extending the legs. If the pole is extended to far () the camera may become unstable. Please set up your tripod as shown in example image () to improve stability.

  • When using a tripod, shooting with [Image Stabilizer] set to [Disable] may improve the quality of captured images for camera models equipped with this feature.



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