Wirelessly Connect the SELPHY CP1200

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Learn how to connect the SELPHY CP1200 printer to a wireless network.


The instructions below will walk you through the steps needed to connect your printer to a wireless network (router).

Before you begin

The way you connect depends on whether the router is WPS®-compatible. Follow the steps below based on your router type:

  1. Router with WPS
  2. Router without WPS

1. If you have a WPS-compatible router

  1. Check the router to confirm that it's on and ready to connect.

  2. Remove any inserted memory cards or USB flash drives from you SELPHY printer.

  3. Insert a loaded paper and ink cassette into your SELPHY printer.

  4. Press the Menu button, then the up / down arrow Up/down arrows buttons to select Wi-Fi Settings, and press OK.

  5. Press the up / down arrow  buttons to select Connection Settings, then press OK.

    Menu, Up and down arrows, and Connection Settings shown selected

  6. Check the printer name to make sure it matches your printer and press OK. (Press Edit to change the printer name.)

    Canon SELPHY CP1200 displays on printer name screen

  7. Press the up / down arrow  buttons to select Via Wi-Fi Network, then press OK.

    Via Wi-Fi Network selected on Connection Method screen

  8. Press the up / down arrow  buttons to select WPS Connection, then press OK.

    WPS Connection selected on the Connection Method screen

  9. Press the up / down arrow  buttons to select PBC Method, then press OK.

    WPS Connection screen with PBC Method selected

    The screen below displays.

    Screen says: Push and hold the access point button, then proceed.
  10. On the access point (router), hold down the WPS connection button for a few seconds. For details on where the button is located and how long to press it, check the router user manual.

  11. On the printer, press the OK button.

  12. Connecting displays on the printer, followed by Connected to access point when connected.

  13. Press OK. The screen below displays, indicating the name of the access point.

    Screen shows Access Point A

2. If you don't have a WPS-compatible router

  1. Follow steps 1-7 above.

  2. Press the up / down arrow  buttons to select Search for an access point, then press OK. Nearby access points display.

    Search for an access point shown on the Connection Method screen

  3. Press the  up / down arrow  buttons to select the access point (router), then press OK. (The Access Points below are examples.)

    Access Point A selected from Access Point Select screen

  4. Press the EDIT button to access the input screen, enter the password, and press OK.

    Password Entry screen shows sample password entered

  5. Once the printer is connected to the access point, the screen below displays. Check the name to be sure it's correct, then press OK.

    Connected to Access Point A displays on screen

    The screen is displays with the name of the access point.

    Access Point A displays

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