Print Wirelessly From a Mac Computer - SELPHY CP1200

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Use your Mac computer to print wirelessly on a SELPHY CP1200.


Your SELPHY printer can connect wirelessly to your Mac® computer with AirPrint. There is no driver CD or download needed.

Note To use the AirPrint feature on your SELPHY printer, you must have a Mac OS X® 10.8 or later version.

Print wirelessly from a Mac

Follow these steps to start a print job:

  1. Make sure the printer is connected to your router. You are connected if you see the screen below.

    Access Point A Screen on SELPHY

  2. Open the print dialog box.

    • Open the software program you use for photos, and select an image to print. This will open the print dialog box.

    • For the printer, select Canon SELPHY CP1200.

  3. Choose the paper size, orientation and number of copies.

    • To print at L size, select 89 x 119 mm as the paper size.

    • To print at P size, select Postcard.

    • To print at C size, select 54 x 86 mm as the paper size.

  4. Select Print.

Additional help

If you don't see Canon SELPHY CP1200 as a printer choice, follow these steps to register SELPHY on your Mac:

  1. Access System Preferences > Printers & Scanners or Print & Scan.

  2. Select [+] below the list.

  3. Choose Canon SELPHY CP1200.

  4. Select Add.

    • If 89 x 119 mm can't be selected for L size paper, select Custom as the paper size, and enter 89 mm width and 119 mm height.

    • If 54 x 86 mm can't be selected for C size, enter 54 mm width and 86 mm height.

Note Active print jobs can't be canceled from SELPHY with the back  button. You will need to cancel jobs from your computer.

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