Name of components and information displayed on the screen (PowerShot G9 X)

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Name of components and information displayed on the screen (PowerShot G9 X)



PowerShot G9 X

Lens Control ring
Lamp Flash
Strap mount [ (Mobile Device Connection) ] button
Zoom lever
Shooting: [ (telephoto)] / [ (wide angle)]
Playback: [
(magnify)] / [ (index)]
Serial number (Body number)
Mode dial (N-Mark)*1
Shutter button Tripod socket
Power button Memory card/battery cover
Speaker DC coupler terminal cover
[ (Playback) ] button

*1: Used with NFC features

[ (Flash pop up)] switch Movie button
Screen (monitor)*2 [ (Quick Set menu/Set)] button
Microphone [ ] button
DIGITAL terminal Indicator / USB charge lamp
HDMI (TM) terminal [ INFO. (Information)] button
*2: Gestures may not be detected as easily if you apply a screen protector. In this case, increase the sensitivity of the touch-screen panel

Shooting (Information Display)

Shooting mode, Scene icon Shutter speed
Flash mode Aperture value
Shadow correction Electronic level
Metering method Exposure level
ND filter ISO speed
Drive mode, AEB shooting, Focus bracketing DR correction
White balance, Mercury lamp correction, Hybrid Auto mode
My Colors Star Emphasis
Touch Shutter High ISO NR
IS mode icon Eco mode
Battery level Self-timer
Still image compression, Recording pixel setting Camera shake warning
Recordable shots*3 Zoom bar
Zoom magnification, Digital tele-converter Blink detection
Movie quality Manual focus
Remaining time Flash exposure compensation / Flash output level
Histogram Exposure compensation
Quick Set menu Wind filter
Focus range, AF lock Time zone
AE lock, FE lock Image stabilization
AF frame, Spot AE point frame Auto Level
Control ring function switching Auto Slow Shutter
Manual focus switching Attenuator
Grid lines

*3: In [ ] mode, indicates the number of shots available.

Playback (Detailed Information Display)

  • Some information may not be displayed when viewing images on a TV.
Movies ISO speed
Digest movies Metering method
Group playback Flash, Flash exposure compensation
Current image no. / Total no. of images White balance
Histogram White balance correction, Mercury lamp correction, Creative Shot effect
Battery level My Colors
Wi-Fi signal strength Focus range
Image Sync ND filter
Image editing, Movie compression Red-eye correction, Short clip playback effect
Favorites High ISO NR
Protection DR correction
Folder number - File number Shadow correction
Shooting date/time Image quality / Frame rate (movies)
Shooting mode Group playback
Shutter speed Compression (image quality) / Resolution, Digest movies, RAW, MP4 (movies), Albums
Aperture value Still images: Recording pixel setting
Movies: Playback time
Exposure compensation level File size



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