Selecting a Picture Style on the Camera (EOS 80D)

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Selecting a Picture Style on the Camera (EOS 80D)


What is Picture Style?

Digital cameras store images by digitally correcting the color, brightness, outlines, and other information in the signals output by the image sensor.
With this camera, you can use Picture Style to set the corrections to be made before shooting.
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Picture Style is a function for easily setting characteristics that match the image you are shooting. The available settings are shown in the following table.
Picture StyleImage Characteristics
Auto The color tone will be adjusted automatically to suit the scene. The colors will look vivid for blue skies, greenery and sunsets, particularly in nature, outdoor and sunset scenes.
Standard The image looks vivid, sharp, and crisp. This is a general-purpose Picture Style suitable for most scenes.
Portrait For nice skin tones. The image looks softer. Suited for close-up portraits. By changing [Color tone], you can adjust the skin tone.
Landscape For vivid blues and greens, and very sharp crisp images. Effective for impressive landscapes.
Fine Detail Suited for detailed outline and fine texture description of the subject. The colors will be slightly vivid.
Neutral This Picture Style is for users who prefer to process images with their computer. For natural colors and subdued images with modest brightness and color saturation.
Faithful Suited for processing the image with a computer. The color of a subject that is captured in sunlight at a color temperature of 5200K will be adjusted to match the subject's colorimetrical color. For subdued images with modest brightness and color saturation.
Monochrome Creates black-and-white images.
User Def. 1-3 You can register a basic style such as [Portrait], [Landscape], a Picture Style file, etc., and adjust it as desired. Any User Defined Picture Style that has not been set will have the same default settings as the [Auto] Picture Style.

For example, you can select a characteristic that is suitable for your photographic expression before shooting, such as "Portrait" when shooting people and "Landscape" when shooting the sky or dark-green trees. Your images will then be saved with these characteristics, eliminating the need for editing with retouch software later.
This also avoids the deterioration in image quality that occurs when saving an image that has been edited with retouch software.

  • In Basic Zone modes, [Auto] is set automatically. In <> modes, [Standard] is set automatically.
  • If the desired color tone is not obtained with [Auto], use another Picture Style.
  • You can display < > in the viewfinder when [Monochrome] is set.
If [Monochrome] is set, black-and-white images shot in JPEG cannot be turned into color. Be careful not to leave the [Monochrome] setting on when you want to shoot photos in color again.

For RAW images, you can use Digital Photo Professional (included with this camera) to adjust images to reflect the Picture Style settings before processing those images.

Setting Picture Style Characteristics

Use the following procedure to set Picture Style characteristics.

1. Set the power switch to <ON>.

2. Press the <MENU> button to display the menu.

3. Under the [ ] tab, select [Picture Style], then press <>. The Picture Style selection screen is displayed.

4. Press the < > < > keys to select a style, then press <>. The style is set, and the camera returns to shooting-ready state.

The procedure for setting a Picture Style characteristic is now complete.
For details about how to adjust and register Picture Styles, refer to the instruction manual supplied with the camera.



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