Camera Software

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Camera Software


The following software is available for efficiently configuring and operating the camera.

Camera Operations and Settings
Camera operations are performed using the Camera Viewer/Mobile Camera Viewer.
Camera settings are specified from the Setting Page.

Camera Viewer /Mobile Camera Viewer
Controls the camera, and monitors video and various events.
You can use the Camera Viewer (mainly for computers) and the Mobile Camera Viewer (mainly for devices with a screen size of 7 inches or less).
The functions available in the Viewer differ according to the user authority 

For details on using Mobile Camera Viewer, please refer to “Mobile Camera Viewer Operation Guide”.

Setting Page 
The Setting Page is for the administrator to configure and manage the camera.

Software Included on the Setup CD-ROM
To use the software on the included setup CD-ROM, install the software on the computer.

.NET Framework 3.5 SP1 (when using Internet Explorer 9) or .NET Framework 4.5 (when using Internet Explorer 10/11) is necessary to use
Camera Management Tool and Recorded Video Utility.
If it is not installed on the computer, it will be automatically installed when using the installer 

Camera Management Tool
This tool is used for batch managing multiple cameras, from initial settings to performing maintenance. The Camera
Management Tool can perform the following tasks.
• Detecting cameras
• Set various camera settings.
• Display the Viewer and the Setting Page.
• Update firmware, back up/restore settings, perform memory card and other operations, as well as camera maintenance.

This guide explains how to use this tool to configure the initial settings for cameras. For details on other uses
and functions, please refer to “Camera Management Tool User Manual”.
The Camera Management Tool can be installed by the installer application.
Installer location: Setup CD-ROM > [Applications] folder > VBToolsInstall.exe

Recorded Video Utility
This utility is used for viewing and managing the videos recorded on the memory card mounted in the camera. The
Recorded Video Utility enables you to perform the following operations on recorded videos.
• Displaying a list of videos
• Playing and deleting videos
• Downloading videos to a computer

For details on using the utility and its functions, please refer to “Recorded Video Utility User Manual”.

The Recorded Video Utility can be installed from the installer.
Installer location: Setup CD-ROM > the [Applications] folder > VBToolsInstall.exe

For details on the usage, operating environment, and functions of RM-Lite, please refer to “System Administrator Manual”.

Additional Software/Licenses (Sold Separately)
You can purchase additional software and licenses as necessary.

Canon H.264 Additional User License AUL-VB
Additional license for viewing H.264 video with multiple computers via the Viewer or Recorded Video Utility.
Each camera includes one license. Additional licenses are necessary for multiple computers to view H.264 video
from a single camera.

This software allows network cameras to be used for multipoint surveillance, and for displaying, recording and
playing back videos from the camera.
The number of cameras that can be registered with RM-64/RM-25/RM-9 varies: 64, 25, or 9 cameras respectively can
be registered. By using multiple Storage Servers, you can construct a surveillance system supporting up to 512

Licenses for upgrading from RM-9 to RM-25 or RM-64, and from RM-25 to RM-64 are also available.

This additional license lets you install the RM-64/RM-25/RM-9 RM Manager and RM Viewer on multiple computers.
Purchase the license to be able to view video from the camera from multiple locations and for other similar purposes.

This additional license lets you install the RM-Lite Viewer or RM-Lite Manager on multiple computers.
Purchase the license to be able to view video from the camera from multiple locations and for other similar purposes.

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