Create or edit PDF files in My Image Garden

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Learn how to create or edit PDF files in the My Image Garden application on your computer.


Create or edit a PDF

  • You can create PDF files from images saved on a computer.
  • You can also add or delete pages from the PDF files and rearrange pages.

Here's how:
  1. Open My Image Garden.
  2. Select the images you want to use to create the PDF. 
  3. Select Create/Edit File.  This will switch to the Create/Edit PDF File view.

  4. Add or delete pages as required.
    • To add, select Add Page, choose the images or files you want to add, and then select Open.
    • To delete, select the image, and then select Delete Page
  5. You can reorder the pages by dragging and dropping or by selecting a page then using Move to FirstMove UpMove Down, or Move to Last.
  6. Select Save or Save All.
  7. Change the page order as required.
  8. Select Save or Save All.
  9. Specify the save settings.
  10. Select Save.
  11. Select Close.

Good to know

  • When a password-protected file is selected, you need to enter the password.
  • You can create or edit up to 99 pages of a PDF file at one time.
  • Only PDF files created in My Image Garden IJ Scan Utility are supported. PDF files created or edited in other applications are not supported.
  • There is a maximum image size of 10,501 pixels in one direction.

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