Printing Photo with Trimming - MG6620 / MG7520

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Printing Photo with Trimming - MG6620 / MG7520


You can edit photos displayed on the touch screen by trimming them and print.

  1. Make sure that the machine is turned on.

  2. Load photo paper.

  3. Flick the HOME screen, then tap  Advanced print.

  4. Insert the memory card into the card slot.


    • If you insert the memory card before you select Advanced print on the HOME screen, the photo selection screen in Photo print is displayed.

      If both photo files and PDF files are saved on the memory card, the confirmation screen to select which file you print is displayed.

      To display the HOME screen, touch the HOME button.

  5. Tap Trimming print.


    • If no printable photo data is saved on the memory card, Data of supported types are not saved. is displayed on the touch screen.

    • If more than 2,000 photos are saved on the memory card, the photo data is split by group per 2,000 photos in reverse chronological order (date last modified) automatically. Check the message displayed on the touch screen, then tap OK.

  6. Tap the photo you want to print.


  7. Trim the print area.

    figure: Touch screen
    1. Tap to switch the aspect ratio of the trimming frame.

    2. Drag to position the trimming frame.

    3. Drag to set the trimming frame size.

    4. Tap to finalize your selection of trimming area.

      When the area to be cropped is specified, the print setting confirmation screen is displayed.

  8. Specify the settings as necessary.

    Tap Copies to display the screen to specify the number of copies.

    For the setting items other than Copies:

  9. Press the Color button.

    The machine starts printing.


  • Press the Stop button to cancel printing.

  • You can add the print job by tapping Print more while printing.

  • The trimming image cannot be newly saved on the memory card.

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