How to Toggle the IPv6 and Wireless LAN DRX Settings - iB4020

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How to Toggle the IPv6 and Wireless LAN DRX Settings - iB4020


If your MAXIFY printer is not detected by any wireless devices after it has been connected to a wireless LAN, disabling IPv6 on the printer may correct the issue.  Follow the steps below to disable IPv6.
  1. Press the Setup  button.
  2. In the Setup menu, press the right arrow to select Device settings.  Press OK.
  3. In Device settings, press the right arrow to select LAN settings.  Press OK.
  4. In LAN settings, press the right arrow to select Other settings.  Press OK.
  5. In Other settingsTCP/IP settings will be the first option.  Press OK.
  6. A message will scroll across the screen.  The message states:  LAN communication may be disabled.  Press [OK] to continue.  Press OK.
  7. Enable / disable IPv6 will appear on the screen.  By default, Active will be selected.  Press the right arrow to select Inactive.  Press OK.
In addition to this, disabling Wireless LAN DRX may help reduce the possibility of communication issues.  After disabling IPv6, you will be back at the Other settings menu.  Follow these remaining steps to disable Wireless LAN DRX.
  1. From the Other settings menu, press the right arrow until DRX setting appears.  Press OK.
  2. In the DRX setting menu, Wireless LAN will be the first option that appears.  Press OK.
  3. Active will be selected by default.  Press the right arrow to select Inactive and press OK.
Press the Back  button until the ink level information is displayed on the screen to go back to the main screen on the printer.

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