Using a USB cable to charge the camera's battery (PowerShot SX720 HS)

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Using a USB cable to charge the camera's battery (PowerShot SX720 HS)


Charge the battery pack by using the supplied battery pack with an optional Compact Power Adapter CA-DC30/CA-DC30E or Interface Cable IFC-600PCU.

1. Slide the cover and open it .

2. Insert the battery.
  • Holding the battery pack with the terminals facing as shown, press the battery lock in the direction of the arrow and insert the battery pack until the lock clicks shut.
  • If you insert the battery pack facing the wrong way, it cannot be locked into the correct position. Always confirm that the battery pack is facing the right way and locks when inserted.

3. Lower the cover and hold it down as you slide it, until it clicks into the closed position .

4. With the camera turned off, open the cover . With the smaller plug of the included interface cable in the orientation shown, insert the plug fully into the camera terminal .

5. Insert the large end of the plug into the compact power adapter.

6-A. CA-DC30: Flip out the plug and plug the compact power adapter into a power outlet .

Please proceed to step 7.

6-B. CA-DC30E: Plug the power cord into the compact power adapter, then plug the other end into a power outlet.

7. Charging begins and the USB charge lamp lights up.
・The lamp turns off when charging finishes.

8. When charging has finished, remove the compact power adapter from the power outlet and the interface cable from the camera.
  • To protect the battery pack and keep it in optimal condition, do not charge it continuously for more than 24 hours.
  • When charging another battery pack, always disconnect the interface cable from the camera before replacing the battery pack for charging.
  • For more information on charging times and the number of images that can be captured with a fully charged battery, please refer to Estimated number of shots / playback time per battery (PowerShot SX720 HS).
  • You can view images even while the battery is charging, by turning the camera on and entering Playback mode. However, you cannot shoot while the battery is charging. Also note that the camera cannot be used unless the battery is in it.
  • If the USB charge lamp does not light up, remove the interface cable from the camera and plug it again.
  • Charged batteries gradually lose their charge, even when they are not used. Charge the battery on (or immediately before) the day of use.
  • The compact power adapter can be used in areas with 100 – 240 V AC power (50/60 Hz). For power outlets in a different format, use a commercially available adapter for the plug. Never use an electrical transformer designed for traveling, which may damage the battery.

  • Using a Computer to Charge the Battery
You can also charge the battery pack by inserting the larger plug of the interface cable into a computer's USB terminal in step 5. For details about USB connections on the computer, refer to the computer user manual.

We recommend using Interface Cable IFC-600PCU (sold separately).

  • Charging now begins, and the indicator on the back of the camera blinks in green. Charging will be finished in about seven hours.
  • However, charging may take longer if you import images on the camera to the computer, as described in "Saving Images to a Computer".
  • The indicator continues to blink in green even after charging is finished, as long as the camera is connected to the computer.

  • Charging stops and the indicator goes off if, after you begin charging as described above, you press the power button to turn the camera off.
  • With some computers, battery charging may require the memory card to be in the camera. Insert the memory card in the camera before connecting the cable to the computer's USB port.



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