Change preferences in My Image Garden

Article ID: ART165298 | Date published: 04/01/2016 | Date last updated: 03/08/2019


Learn about the options and preferences you can select in My Image Garden software.


Preferences dialog

You can change the look of My Image Garden and several settings to suit your language and computing enviornment.

After opening My Image Garden, select Tools -> Preferences to access the dialog.
  • General tab - In the general tab you can set the region and language for the UI.
    General Tab

  • Image Analysis Settings tab
    • You can add folders to be analyzed for face recognition.
    • Select Add... to add a folder. You can choose to save or delete the analysis results and adjust the rate of face detection. 
  • Image Analysis Settings tab

  • Advanced Settings Tab - You can specify the folders to save temporary files and scanned images including OCR text.
    Advanced Settings tab

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