Updating the Firmware - MG5700 Series

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Updating the Firmware - MG5700 Series


  1. Make sure that the machine is turned on.

  2. From the HOME screen, use the up or down arrows until  Setup appears.  Then, press the function key under Setup.

  3. In the Setup menu, press the right arrow to highlight  Device settings.  Then, press OK.

  4. Use the down arrow to highlight Firmware update.  Press OK.

    The Firmware update menu opens. 


You can update the firmware of the machine, check the firmware version, or perform settings of a notification screen, a DNS server and a proxy server.


  • Only Check current version is available when Disable LAN is selected for Change LAN in LAN settings.

  • Install update

    Performs the firmware update of the machine. If you select Yes, the firmware update starts. Follow the on-screen instructions to perform the firmware update.

    If the firmware is already the latest version, "Your Firmware is the latest version.  Update is not required." will be displayed


    • When you use this function, make sure that the machine is connected to the Internet.  Do not unplug the machine while the firmware update is in progress.


    • If the firmware update is not complete, check the following and take an appropriate action.

      • Check the network settings such as an access point or a router.

      • If Cannot connect to the server. is displayed on the screen, press OK, then try again after a while.

  • Check current version

    You can check the current firmware version.

  • Update notification setting

    When Yes is selected and the firmware update is available, the screen to inform you of the firmware update is displayed on the screen.

  • DNS server setup

    Performs settings for a DNS server. Select Auto setup or Manual setup. If you select Manual setup, follow the display on the screen to perform settings.

  • Proxy server setup

    Performs settings for a proxy server. Follow the display on the screen to perform settings.

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