Selecting Image Quality/Density/Enlarging or Reducing Copy

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Selecting Image Quality/Density/Enlarging or Reducing Copy


Selecting Document Type

You can select the optical image quality for the copy depending on the document type, such as text-only documents, documents with charts and graphs, or magazine photos.

<Copy> <Original Type> Select the document type

Suitable when copying documents that only contain text.
Suitable when copying documents that contain both text and photos.
<Text/Photo (Quality)>
Suitable when making a high quality copy of documents that contain both text and photos.
Suitable when copying photos.
  • If a setting other than <Text> is specified, <Background> is automatically set to <Adjust (Manual)>.

Adjusting Density

You can adjust the density of the copy if the text or images in a document are too light or dark. You can also adjust the background to remove the background color when document pages are lightly colored or yellowing.
  • Adjust both the density and background when copying a document printed on thin paper, such as a newspaper, so that the text and images on the opposite side of the page are not visible in the copy.

<Copy> <Density> Adjust the density <Apply>

Decreases the density.
Increases the density.

Adjusting the Background Density
<Copy> <Density> <Background> <Adjust (Manual)> Adjust the density <Apply>

Makes the background color lighter.
Makes the background color darker.
  • When you set <Background> to <Auto>, automatic adjustment is performed so that the background color becomes white. In this case, <Original Type> is automatically set to <Text>.

Enlarging or Reducing

You can enlarge or reduce copies by using a preset copy ratio such as <STMT->LTR>, or by setting a custom copy ratio in increments of 1%.
  • If you make a setting for <N on 1> after setting the copy ratio, the setting of reduction ratio in <N on 1> takes priority.

<Copy> <Copy Ratio> Select the copy ratio

<Custom Ratio>
Tap / or the numeric keys to enter the copy ratio, and tap <Apply>. You can set any copy ratio from 25% to 400% in 1% increments.

Preset copy ratio
Select a copy ratio.

Copying Multiple Documents onto One Sheet (2 on 1/4 on 1)

You can copy two or four documents onto a single sheet at a reduced size. This decreases the number of pages, enabling you to save paper.
  • Using <2 on 1>/<4 on 1> reduces the copy ratio automatically (the copy ratio is displayed on the screen). You can increase or further reduce the copy ratio before pressing , but the edges of the document might not be copied if you increase it.
  • <2 on 1>/<4 on 1> is not available when using <Erase Frame> or <ID Card Copy>.
  • When you copy multiple documents onto one page, margins may be created in the copied image.

<Copy> <N on 1> Select <2 on 1> or <4 on 1> Select the document size on the <Scan Size> On the <Output Size> screen, select the paper source that contains the paper you want to use

<2 on 1>/<4 on 1>
Select <2 on 1> to copy two pages of documents onto a single sheet, or select <4 on 1> to copy four pages of documents onto a single sheet.
<Select Layout>
Specify how to arrange the documents on the page.



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