Registering Sender Information

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Registering Sender Information


Current Date/Time Settings

Set the current date and time. Tap / to move the cursor, and / to specify the date and time or switch between <AM>/<PM>.

<Menu> <Timer Settings> <Date/Time Settings> <Current Date/Time Settings> Set the date and time <Apply>
  • Set <Time Zone> before setting the current date and time. If the <Time Zone> setting is changed, the current date and time are also changed accordingly.

  • The current date and time cannot be changed for 1 hour after daylight saving time is in effect.

Registering the Fax Number and Unit Name

Register the fax number and unit name of your machine. This information is printed at the top of each page sent from the machine.

1. Press and tap <Menu>.

2. Select <Fax Settings> <Fax Setup Guide>.

3. Tap <Set Up Now>.

4. Tap <Next>.

5. Enter the fax number using the numeric keys, and tap <Apply>.

6. Tap <Next>.

7. Enter the unit name (such as a user name or company name) using the numeric keys, and tap <Apply>.
  • Enter up to 24 alphanumeric characters. On how to enter text, see [ Entering Text ].

Entering Text



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