Registering in the Address Book

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Registering in the Address Book


You can register frequently used fax/scan destinations in the Address Book and easily select them when needed. Destinations can be searched alphabetically, from lists in the Address Book, or by entering three-digit numbers (coded dial numbers). You can also specify destinations more quickly by using the following features.


Registering a lot of addresses in the Address Book makes it difficult to find the destination you need. To avoid this situation, register frequently used destinations as Favorites. Destinations registered in Favorites can be searched from the <> in the Address Book. You can register up to 19 destinations as Favorites.

Group Dial

You can select multiple destinations that have already been registered and register them together as a group. You can send faxes or e-mails to multiple destinations at the same time. You can register up to 299 destinations (100 destinations for e-mails) for a group. Groups can also be registered in Favorites.


The registered destinations are classified into indexes depending on the initial character or the type of address. Changing indexes allows you to perform a destination search quickly.

Displays all the destinations registered in the Address Book.
Displays a list of destinations registered in Favorites.
<A-Z>/<0-9>/<ABC> to <YZ>
Displays destinations with recipient names whose first characters correspond to the characters of the selected index.
<> (D1550)
Displays destinations for faxes.
Displays destinations for e-mails.
Displays destinations for I-Faxes.
Displays destinations for shared folders and FTP servers. Registration of destinations is performed from the computer. For details, see the "e-Manual" (HTML manual) in the DVD-ROM supplied with the machine.
Displays a list of destinations registered in Group Dial.

Registering/Editing/Deleting Destinations in/from Favorites Storing/Editing Destinations in Group Dial



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