What can I do with the Canon Digital Camera Software? (PowerShot G7 X Mark II)
Article ID: ART165564 | Date published: 04/22/2016 | Date last updated: 04/22/2016


What can I do with the Canon Digital Camera Software? (PowerShot G7 X Mark II)


After installing the software, you can save images to your computer, view them, and edit them.

List of Software

Installing the Digital Camera Software available on the Downloads page of the Canon website, and updating it over the Internet, will allow you to perform operations listed in the table below.
Software ApplicationOverview
: Digital Photo Professional Ver.4Browse, process and edit RAW images.
: CameraWindow•Import images to your computer.
•Register Picture Styles saved on the computer to the camera.
: Picture Style EditorEdit Picture Styles and create and save Picture Style files.
: Image Transfer Utility*1Set up Image Sync and receive images. Installed together with CameraWindow.
: Map UtilityUse a map to view GPS information that has been added to images.
*1 : Image Transfer Utility can also be downloaded from the Image Sync settings page of CANON iMAGE GATEWAY.

  • With a computer connected to the Internet, access the Canon website and download the software (Digital Camera Software 7.2).
  • To view and edit movies on a computer, use preinstalled or commonly available software compatible with movies recorded by the camera.

Auto Update Function

Using the software, you can update to the latest version, and download new functions via the Internet (some software excluded). Be sure to install the software on a computer with an Internet connection so you can use this function.
Internet access is required to use this function, and any ISP account charges and access fees must be paid separately.