How to Start Cableless Setup on the Printer - MX472 / MX479 / MX532

Article ID: ART165740 | Date published: 05/26/2016 | Date last updated: 05/06/2019


MX472 / MX479 / MX532



1. Press the Setup button on the printer.

2. Select Wireless LAN setup:


3. Select Other setup. Press the OK button.

4. Select Cableless setup. Press the OK button.

When the printer has entered the cableless setup mode, you will need to use a computer or mobile device to send information for your wireless network over to the printer.  This can be done by running the setup program for your printer with a computer, or by using Canon PRINT Inkjet / SELPHY with a mobile device.

Click on the link that corresponds with the method you want to use to set up the printer with cableless setup.

Full Driver & Software Package
MX472 Windows macOS
MX479 Windows macOS
MX532 Windows macOS


Canon PRINT Inkjet / SELPHY


MX472 Page          MX479 Page          MX532 Page


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