Reset your printer's network settings using the IJ Network tool in Windows

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Learn how to reset your printer's network settings to the factory defaults by using the Canon IJ Network Tool from a Windows computer.


The network settings on your printer can be reset to the factory defaults using the Canon IJ Network Tool.

Before you begin

  • Understand that if you initialize the network settings for your printer, the network communication will be lost.
  • The printer will need to be reconfigured to connect to your network if you wish to restore the network communication.

To reset the network settings

Follow the steps below to reset these settings.

  1. Launch the IJ Network Tool in Windows
    Select Start > All Programs / All Apps > Canon IJ Network Utilities > Canon IJ Network Tool > Canon IJ Network Tool to start up the tool.
  2. When the IJ Network Tool opens, select your printer.
    Canon IJ Network Tool window
  3. Select Settings > Maintenance
  4. In the Setting Initialization area, select Initialize.
    Maintenance window
  5. If your printer requires an administrator password, enter it in the box, then select OK.
  6. Confirm that you want to initialize the network settings of the printer by selecting Yes.
    Confirmation screen
  7. The printer's network settings have been reset to their factory defaults.

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