Transmission/Reception of Faxes Using ECM - MAXIFY

Article ID: ART166081 | Date published: 07/26/2016 | Date last updated: 07/05/2019


This article discusses sending and receiving faxes using Error Correction Mode (ECM) on your MAXIFY printer.



This printer is set to send/receive faxes in Error Correction Mode (ECM). If the recipient's fax device is compatible with ECM, ECM automatically corrects errors and resends the fax.


  • If the sender's or recipient's fax device is not compatible with ECM, the fax will be sent/received without automatic error correction.
  • To receive color faxes, make sure that ECM RX in Adv. communication settings in Advanced FAX settings under FAX settings is set to ON.

    To disable ECM transmission/reception, set ECM TX and ECM RX in Adv. communication settings to OFF.

  • Transmission may take longer when ECM is enabled.


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