Setting the Telephone Line Type

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This article explains how to specify the line type you will use to send faxes with your MAXIFY printer.


Before using your printer, make sure you set the correct telephone line type for your telephone line. If you are unsure of your telephone line type, contact your telephone company. For xDSL or ISDN connections, contact the telephone company or service provider to confirm your line type.


  • Telephone line type will not appear in countries or regions where Rotary pulse is not supported.
  • You can print USER'S DATA LIST to check the current setting.

  1. Make sure that printer is turned on.

  2. Select  Setup on the HOME screen.

  3. Select  Device settings and press OK.

  4. Select FAX settings and press OK..

  5. Select FAX user settings and press OK.

  6. Select Telephone line type and press OK.

  7. Select a telephone line type and press OK.

    figure: LCD

    Rotary pulse
    Select when your telephone line type is pulse dialing.
    Touch tone
    Select when your telephone line type is tone dialing.

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