Setting up the MAXIFY MB5420 Printer for use on a Wireless LAN - Establishing connection with a Mac Computer
Article ID: ART166102 | Date published: 07/29/2016 | Date last updated: 04/25/2019


Cableless setup


Setting up the MAXIFY Printer for use on a Wireless LAN

The Cableless setup method is a quick and easy way to set up the printer for use on a Wi-Fi (Wireless) network. Follow the instructions below to set up the printer. This method can be used for first-time installs, for adding the printer to additional computers on the network, or for re-establishing a network connection after a router or network change.

Start Cableless Setup on the printer.

  1. Press the HOME button (A) on the printer.

    If an error screen is displayed, tap OK, then press the HOME button.

    HOME screen
  2. Flick the screen left or right, then tap LAN settings.

    HOME screen: Select LAN settings
  3. Tap Wireless LAN setup.

    LAN settings screen: Select Wireless LAN setup
  4. Tap Cableless setup.

    Wireless LAN setup screen: Select Cableless setup
  5. Tap OK.

    Cableless setup screen: Enable direct communication with a computer or smartphone, etc., to retrieve the setting details and set up.  arrow  Cableless setup screen: Follow the instructions on the computer or smartphone, etc. to perform the operation.

Run the Setup Program

  1. Access the Setup page, read the information then click the Download button to download the setup file.
  2. After the file has downloaded, double-click the downloaded .dmg file. Double-click the Setup icon when the Canon_IJ window opens.
  3. Click Next on the first screen.

  4. Click Start Setup.

  5. Continue to follow on-screen instructions. Be sure to select Yes on the License Agreement in order to continue.

  6. Continue to follow on-screen instructions. On the Select Connection Method screen select Wireless LAN Connection and click Next.

  7. Select Connect via wireless router (recommended). Click Next.

  8. Continue to follow on-screen instructions. On the Printers on Network List, select the printer to be used (verify by Serial Number*) and click Next.

    *Only the last 5 digits will be displayed

  9. Drivers will now be installed.

  10. Click Add Printer on the Add Printer screen.

  11. On the Add screen, select the MB**** series printer with Bonjour Multifunction listed in the Kind column (**** represents the MAXIFY model number). Select the Canon MB**** series in the Use: dropdown. Click Add.

  12. Click Next on the Add Printer screen.

  13. Click Next on the Test Print Window, then click Next on the Setup Complete screen.

  14. On the Software List, select any optional software to install. Click Next.

  15. Skip or complete the User Registration. Follow all instructions if completing the registration.
  16. Exit the setup.

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