Connect Wirelessly to a Windows PC - MAXIFY MB5420

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Learn how to connect your MAXIFY MB5420 wirelessly to your Windows PC.


The Cableless setup method is a quick and easy way to set up the printer for use on a Wi-Fi (Wireless) network. Follow the instructions below to set up the printer. This method can be used for first-time installs, for adding the printer to additional computers on the network, or for re-establishing a network connection after a router or network change.

Follow the steps below to set up your Maxify MB5420 on a Wi-Fi® network so you can easily manage it from a Windows computer.

There are two parts to the setup process:

  1. Start the setup on your printer.
  2. Download and run the setup file on your computer.


1. Start the setup on your printer

  1. Press the HOME button (A) on the printer.

    If an error screen displays, tap OK, then press the HOME button.

    HOME screen
  2. Flick the screen left or right, then tap LAN settings.

    HOME screen: Select LAN settings
  3. Tap Wireless LAN setup.

    LAN settings screen: Select Wireless LAN setup
  4. Tap Cableless setup.

    Wireless LAN setup screen: Select Cableless setup
  5. Tap OK.

    Cableless setup screen: Enable direct communication with a computer or smartphone, etc., to retrieve the setting details and set up.  arrow  Cableless setup screen: Follow the instructions on the computer or smartphone, etc. to perform the operation.

2. Download and run the setup file on your computer.

  1. Get the setup file, read the information, then select the Download button to start the setup process.

    Note You can also use the Setup CD that came with your printer.

  2. After the file downloads, select Run, or Run Msetup4.exe if using the Setup CD.
  3. Select Start Setup.

    Setup screen: select Start Setup
  4. Continue to follow the on-screen instructions. Select Yes on the License Agreement screen in order to continue.
  5. On the Select Connection Method screen, select Wireless LAN Connection, then Next.

    Select Connection Method: Wireless LAN Connection radio button chosen, then Next
  6. Select the Connect via wireless router (recommended) radio button, then Next.

    Connect via wireless router (recommended) radio button selected, then Next
  7. Continue to follow the on-screen instructions. On the Select Printer screen, select your printer (verify it by the last 4-digits of the serial number), and select Next.

    Select printer based on last 4-digits of the printer serial number, then Next.
  8. Drivers install. Wait for this to finish.

    Driver install progress screen: Please wait.

  9. Select Next on the Test Print screen.

    Text Print screen, select Next.

  10. Select  Next on the Setup Complete screen.​

    Installation complete: Select Next

  11. On the Software Installation List, select any optional software to install, then Next.

    Optional software installation list, select by clicking checkbox. Then Next to continue.
  12. Skip or complete the User Registration. Follow all instructions if completing the registration.
  13. Select Exit. You are ready to print wirelessly.

    Installation complete: select Exit

If your product issue was not resolved after following the steps above, or if you require additional help, please create or log in to your Canon Account to see your technical support options.

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