Capture and print images from a video using My Image Garden - Macintosh

Article ID: ART166173 | Date published: 08/05/2016 | Date last updated: 11/30/2017


Learn how to capture video frames in My Image Garden on your Macintosh computer. Includes instructions for printing the still images.


Capturing and printing still images from videos

You can capture video frames to create still images and print them. These steps are performed in My Image Garden. Refer to Start My Image Garden.

  1. After launching My Image Garden, select the video from which you want to capture still images.
  2. Select Video Frame Capture.
    figure: Folder view
    The view switches to Video Frame Capture, and the video appears with the still image capture panel.
  3. Display the frame you want to capture as a still image.
    Drag the slider in the Video Frame Capture view or use the still image capture panel to display the frame you want to capture.
    figure: Video Frame Capture view
    • (Pause) or (Playback) appears on the still image capture panel while a video is playing or stopped, respectively.
    • Using (Pause) and (Frame Backward)/(Frame Advance) on the still image capture panel makes it easier to display the frame you want to capture.
  4. When the frame you want to capture as a still image appears, select Capture (single frame) on the still image capture panel.
    figure: Video Frame Capture view
    When image capture is completed, the captured image(s) appear(s) in the Captured Images area.
  5. Select the image(s) you want to print, then select Print.
    Note: To Save the images captured from videos, select Save.
    figure: Video Frame Capture view
  6. Specify print options like number of copies to print, printer and paper to use.
  7. Select Print, then select OK when the dialog appears.
  8. Select Print to send the image(s) to the printer.

Alternate actions

  • Select Layout Print at the bottom of the screen to edit or print an item created from the captured still images in a cinematic layout. Refer to Printing in a Cinematic Layout.
  • Select the Prefer clearer images checkbox to automatically detect less blurry frames when capturing images. Capture may take time depending on your environment.
  • You can overlap and merge multiple captured still images in the order of the time code to create an image depicting the flow of a moving subject. Refer to Creating Images of Merged Video Frames.
  • To correct a captured still image, select the still image you want to correct in the Captured Images area, then click Correct at the bottom of the screen. Refer to Correcting Still Images Captured from Videos.

Good to know

  • Only videos in .MP4 and .MOV formats are supported, and videos may not play smoothly depending on your environment.
  • Video color tones changed via the settings of the graphic driver (video card) or its utility are not reflected in captured still images.Therefore, color tones may differ between videos and captured still images.
  • You can capture up to 150 still images from one video.

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