Continuous Shooting Speed (EOS 5D Mark IV)

Article ID: ART166277 | Date published: 08/26/2016 | Date last updated: 09/07/2016


Continuous Shooting Speed (EOS 5D Mark IV)


Continuous shooting speeds are as follows.
For details on setting the drive mode to continuous shooting, refer to the Instruction Manual supplied with the camera.
  • Continuous shooting speeds are based on Canon's standard testing conditions and may change depending on subject, shooting conditions, etc.
  • Continuous shooting can be performed until the memory card is full.
  • When internal memory becomes full during continuous shooting, the continuous shooting speed may drop off because shooting will be temporarily disabled.

Drive ModeEstimateConditions
High-speed continuous shootingMax. approx. 7.0 shots/ sec.* Continuous shooting speed decreases during Antiflicker shooting, during Dual Pixel RAW shooting, during Live View shooting with Servo AF, or with Digital Lens Optimizer set.
* The maximum continuous shooting speed during highspeed continuous shooting may decrease depending on the power source type, battery level, temperature, flicker reduction, Dual Pixel RAW shooting, Digital Lens Optimizer, shutter speed, aperture, subject conditions, brightness, AF operation, lens, flash use, shooting function settings, etc.
Low-speed continuous shootingMax. approx. 3.0 shots/ sec.
Silent continuous shootingMax. approx. 3.0 shots/sec.



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