Selecting an AF Frame Before Shooting (EOS 5D Mark IV)

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Selecting an AF Frame Before Shooting (EOS 5D Mark IV)


The camera has 61 AF points for autofocusing.
You can select the AF area selection mode and AF point(s) suiting the scene or subject.

Selecting the AF Area Selection Mode

You can select one of seven AF area selection modes.

1. Turn on the camera.
  • Set the camera's switch to <ON>.

2. Set the lens’s focus mode switch to <AF>.

3. Set the shooting mode.
  • Turn the Mode Dial to select the shooting mode.
Press the lock release button.
Turn the Mode Dial.

4. Press the <> button.
The [AF Area/AF Point Selection Mode] screen is displayed in the viewfinder.

5. Press the <> button or <M-Fn> button.
  • Look through the viewfinder and press the <> (AF area selection) button or <M-Fn> button.
  • Each time you press the <> button or <M-Fn> button, the AF area selection mode changes.
  • With [ : Select AF area selec. mode ], you can limit the selectable AF area selection modes to only those you want to use.
  • If you set [ : AF area selection method ] to [   Main Dial], you can select the AF area selection mode by pressing the [ ] button, then turning the [ ]dial.

AF Area Selection ModeOverview
Single-point Spot AF (Manual selection)For pinpoint focusing over a narrower area than with Single-point AF.
Single-point AF (Manual selection)Select one AF point to be used for focusing.
AF point expansion (Manual selection )The manually-selected AF point [ ] and adjacent AF points [ ] (above, below, on the left, and on the right) are used to focus.
AF point expansion (Manual selection, surrounding points)The manually-selected AF point [ ] and surrounding AF points [ ] are used to focus.
Zone AF (Manual selection of zone)One of nine focusing zones is used to focus.
Large Zone AF (Manual selection of zone)The AF area is divided into three focusing zones (left, center, and right) for focusing.
Automatic selection AFThe Area AF frame (entire AF area) is used to focus. The AF point(s) achieving focus is displayed as [ ].

Selecting the AF Point Manually

You can manually select the AF point or zone.

1. Press the <> button. The AF points will be displayed.
  • In AF point expansion modes, adjacent AF points will also be displayed.
  • In the Zone AF mode, the selected zone will be displayed.

2. Select an AF point.
The AF point selection will change in the direction you tilt <>. If you press <> straight down, the center AF point (or center zone) will be selected.
  • You can also select a horizontal AF point by turning the [ ] dial and select a vertical AF point by turning the [ ] dial.
  • In the Zone AF mode, turning the [ ] or [ ] dial will change the zone in a looping sequence.
  • When [ : Initial AF pt, AI Servo AF] is set to [ Initial AF pt selected], you can use this method to manually select the AI Servo AF’s initial position.
  • When you press the [ ] button, the LCD panel displays the following:
 - Zone AF, Large Zone AF, Automatic selection AF: AF
 - Single-point Spot AF, Single-point AF, and AF point expansion: SEL [ ] (Center), SEL AF (Off-center)



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