The Processing/Data Indicator Remains Lighting Up or Blinking

Article ID: ART166422 | Date published: 09/09/2016 | Date last updated: 09/12/2017


The Processing/Data Indicator Remains Lighting Up or Blinking


The Processing/Data indicator remains Lighting Up or Blinking.

The Processing/Data indicator lights when any job is being processed. If the Processing/Data indicator remains lighting up or blinking, and the Error indicator is also blinking with an error message on the display, check the following.

Size/Settings MismatchSee [
If the Message <Size/Settings Mismatch> Appears ].
No Paper See [
If the Message <No Paper> Appears ].
Paper jammed.See [
If the Message <Paper jammed.> Appears ].
Prepare a cartridge.See [
When to Replace the Toner Cartridge ].

If no message is displayed on the display, print received documents or delete unnecessary documents in memory.

When the problem is solved, the document is printed and the Processing/Data indicator goes off.
If the indicator still remains lit even after checking the messages above, delete or cancel jobs using .
* You cannot restore jobs once you deleted.



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