Using the Shortcut Keys

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Using the Shortcut Keys


Scanning Using the [Scan -> PC] Key

Place a document on the machine, and press (for MF232w, or ), and scanning starts immediately. The type of scan (color or black and white), the save destination for the document, and other settings can be registered to a button, and documents can be scanned using those settings. This section describes how to register settings in a button and scan with it.

Registering Your Settings in the [Scan -> PC] Key

Register the computer that scanned images are saved in and the type of scan to (for MF232w, or ).

1. Press .

2. Use / to select <Scan Settings>, and press .

3. Select <Shortcut Key Settings> <Register>.

4. Press .
  • If you are using the MF232w, select the shortcut key to which you want to register settings, and press .

5. Select the type of connection that is used between the machine and computer, and press .


Select this setting to erase registered settings.

<USB Connection>
Select this setting if the machine and computer are connected via USB.

<Network Connection>
Select this setting if the machine and computer are connected via a network.

6. Select the destination computer, and press .
  • This screen is not displayed if you select <USB Connection> in step 5.

7. Select the scan type, and press .

Scan typeColorResolutionFile format
<Color Scan>Color300 dpiJPEG (Exif)
<B&W Scan>Black and white*1300 dpiPDF (searchable*2)
<Custom 1>Color300 dpiJPEG (Exif)
<Custom 2>Color300 dpiJPEG (Exif)
*1 Documents are scanned in black and white only, with no intermediate shades of gray.
*2 A PDF format where characters on the document are scanned as text data and the text can be searched using a computer.

To change settings
  • The settings in the table above are all factory default settings. You can change settings from MF Scan Utility. For more information, click [Instructions] on MF Scan Utility.
  • If you are a Mac OS user, see the User's Guide for ScanGear MF.

Checking the Registered Settings

<Scan Settings> <Shortcut Key Settings> <Confirm Destination> Select shortcut key

Name of destination computer
Shows the name of the computer registered as the save destination.

Scan type
Shows the type of scan that has been set.

Using the [Scan -> PC] Key

1. Place the document(s). [ Placing Documents ]

2. Press (for MF232w, or ).
  • To check the settings registered in the key, see the "User's Guide" from the Canon website (
  • Scanning starts.
  • To cancel, press <Yes> .

You cannot scan while the ScanGear MF is displayed. Close the screen before scanning.

When placing documents in the feeder in step 1 (MF244dw)
When scanning is complete, the save destination folder is displayed on the computer.

When placing documents on the platen glass in step 1
When scanning is complete, follow the procedure below (when file format is PDF).
2-1. If there are additional pages of documents to be scanned, place the next document on the platen glass, and press .
  • Repeat this step until you finish scanning all of the pages.
  • When there is only one page to be scanned, proceed to the next step.
2-2. Use / to select <Finish Scanning>, and press .
  • The save destination folder is displayed on the computer.

About the save destination folder
  • By default, the scanned data is saved to the [My Documents] folder. A subfolder named with the scanning date is created, and the data is saved to that folder.
  • You can change the save destination from MF Scan Utility. For more information, click [Instructions] on MF Scan Utility.

Using the [Paper Save Copy] Key (MF244dw)

You can use <2 on 1>/<4 on 1> to copy multiple documents onto a single sheet, and <2-Sided> to copy the document onto both sides of a page. Using , which combines these functions, makes it easier to save paper than when using the functions separately.
  • The 2-sided <Paper Save Copy> settings may not be available with some sizes and types of paper. [ Paper Handling ]
  • Using <Paper Save Copy> reduces the copy ratio automatically (the copy ratio is displayed on the screen). You can increase or further reduce the copy ratio before pressing , but the edges of the document might not be copied if you increase it.
  • <Paper Save Copy> is not available when using <2-Sided>, <2 on 1>/<4 on 1> or <ID Card Copy>.
  • When you copy multiple documents onto one page, margins may be created in the copied image.

Select the paper save copy setting Select the document size on the <Scan Size> screen

Paper save copy settings
Select one of four setting combinations.

Original (Portrait)Copy
<2 on 1 1->2-Sided>
<4 on 1 1->2-Sided>
<2 on 1 1->1-Sided>
<4 on 1 1->1-Sided>



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