Connecting to an External Monitor to Playback Movies (XC15)

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Connecting to an External Monitor to Playback Movies (XC15)



The procedure for connecting to an external monitor and playing back still photos and clips you have captured with the camera is explained in the following sections.


Connection Diagram

Connect the video camera with the external monitor.
We recommend that you power the camcorder from a power outlet using the AC adapter.



: HDMI OUT terminal
: HTC-100/S High Speed HDMI Cable (supplied)
  • The HDMI OUT terminal is for output only. Do not connect the camcorder to another deviceâs output terminal using the HDMI OUT terminal as this will cause a malfunction.
  • When using a commercially available HDMI cable, make sure the HDMI cable is Type A to Type C.
  • Audio and video will not be output from the HDMI OUT terminal while Wi-Fi functions are in use.
  • Correct operation cannot be guaranteed when connecting the camcorder to DVI monitors.
  • Video may not be output correctly depending on the monitor.
  • When [ : Camera Setup ] -> [Rolling Shutter Reduction] is set to [ On ] and recording starts, HDMI output will stop.



In playback mode, the thumbnails of clips and photos you have recorded are shown in index screens sorted by the type of recording.


Displaying a Playback Index

1. Hold the [ ] button pressed down.
  • An index screen will appear. To change the index screen, refer to Changing the Index Screen.
  • If you hold the button pressed down again, the camcorder will switch to [ ] or [ ] mode, depending on the position of the movie / photo switch.



2. Touch the index screen button.



3. Select the desired index screen.

[ 4K Movie ] : 4K clips recorded on the CFast card.
[ HD Movie ] : HD clips recorded on the SD card.
[ Photo ] : Photos recorded on the SD card.



4. The index screen you select will be displayed.


To play back clips

1. Touch a clip.



2. Playback begins.
  • Playback will start from the selected clip until the end of the last clip in the index screen.
  • From the playback controls, touch [ ] to pause playback.
  • You can also use the joystick to select a recording.
  • During playback, you can touch the screen or press the DISP. button to display the playback controls. You can use the touch panel or joystick to operate the playback controls.



3. Touch [ ] to stop playback and return to the index screen.

  • Playing Back Clips Recorded Using the [Highlight Priority] Look
When playing back a clip recorded using the [ : Highlight Priority ] look, you can set [ : System Setup ] -> [ : View Assistance ] to [ : On ] to display a more accurate looking image on the screen. When playing back such a clip on an external monitor, we recommend increasing the monitorâs overall brightness.


To play back photos

1. Touch the desired photo.



2. The selected photo will be displayed on the screen.
  • After the photo appears, drag your finger left / right to browse through the photos one by one.
  • You can also use the joystick to browse through the photos.
  • From the playback controls, touch [ ] to return to the index screen.




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