Initializing the Recording Media (XC15)

Article ID: ART166470 | Date published: 09/09/2016 | Date last updated: 09/20/2016


Initializing the Recording Media (XC15)


The first time you use any recording media with this camcorder, initialize it first. You can also initialize a recording media to permanently delete all the data it contains.
When initializing an SD card, you can select quick initialization, which clears the file allocation table but does not physically erase the stored data, or complete initialization, which deletes all data completely.

1. Press the [MENU] button.

2. Touch [ : Recording Setup ] -> [Initialize ].

3. Touch [ Memory Card ] or [ Memory Card ].

4. Touch [Initialize].

•If you are initializing a CFast card, skip to step 6.

5. Touch [Complete Initialization] to delete all data completely.

6. Touch [Yes]
  • If you are using the [Complete Initialization] option, you can touch [Cancel] to cancel the operation while it is in progress. You can use the SD card but all data will be erased.

7. When the confirmation screen appears, touch [OK].
  • The selected recording media is initialized and all the data it contains is erased.
  • Initializing a recording media will permanently erase all data. Lost data cannot be recovered. Make sure you save important recordings in advance.
  • Depending on the SD card, the complete initialization may take up to a few minutes.



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